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In the narrow streets of Florence, you can still hear the brilliant hooves of the Renaissance. The Architecture and painting here also shine in the Renaissance. On the end of May, students leading by a professor of Nantong University came to Florence starting their one week-long study tour.


Coincide with the signing of a memorandum of cooperation between the Architecture School of the University of Florence and the School of Art of Nantong University, the visit of the delegation of Nantong University also received great attention from the School of Architecture of the University of Florence. Dean of Florence Research Institute of Design and Art(FRIDA), Dean of School of Architecture of University of Florence, Vincenzo Legnante and Vice president of FRIDA, principal of Interior Designer Master Course, professor of University of Florence, Francesco Armato received the delegation.

After arriving at the birthplace of the Renaissance, the delegation of Nantong University visited the Santa Terrisa campus of the University of Florence under the leadership of Professor Armato .

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Dean of Florence Research Institute of Design and Art
Dean of School of Architecture of University of Florence
Vincenzo Legnante

Francesco Armato

Vice president of Florence Research Institute of Design and Art
Principal of Interior Designer Master Course
Professor of University of Florence
Francesco Armato

The delegation of Nantong University

The Santa Terrisa campus was established in 1620 as the monastery of St Terrisa. It was revoked by the French government in 1802 as a public school and later changed to prison.It was not until the relocation of the prison in 1985 that the campus was handed over to the University of Florence. The campus still retains part of the prison structure for display.

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Santa Terrisa Campus - 1

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Santa Terrisa Campus - 2

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Santa Terrisa Campus - 3

After a little rectification, Professor Armato gave a brief and interesting introduction to Nantong teachers and students, and expressed sincere welcome to the arrival of teachers and students of Nantong University.

Later on, Prof. Legnante , Dean of the School of Architecture of the University of Florence , took the first class of the Italian art journey: “Art and Design”.In the course Professor Professor Legnante said:

“Art and design are inseparable and complementary. The School of Architecture of University of Florence pays more attention to the originality and development of students, and emphasizes the balance between tradition and innovation, modernity and the future.Art design should not be just a discipline, but the connection between the past and the future, tradition and modernity.”

Discussion between Nantong delegation and professor Armato

In addition to the architectural course, we also offer a tailor-made violin MASTER course for some students , guided by Professor Szabo of the famous Italian music school Fiesole.


On the following day, under the leadership of Professor Armato, the delegation visited LAMA, one of the most famous furniture design store in Italy. The founders gave an interesting piece of furniture design to the delegation. Later, the delegation visited the Uffizi Gallery. The museum has a collection of more than 2,500 pieces. It is famous for its works in the European Renaissance and other paintings, as well as ancient Greek and Roman sculptures.


Born in 1920 , as a professional custom furniture brand, combined with the concept of technology and design has been deeply into the company’s genes.LAMA emphasizes that when designing for fashion and trends, we cannot ignore the material itself to create a unique and functional space.

LAMA has made a difference in many areas such as residential and commercial (shops, bars, restaurants and hotels). The positioning of its furniture is not only the framework of our memory, but also part of our lives.LAMA ‘s goal is to create unique furniture for its customers through private customization, to make their dreams come true.

As an electrical equipment and lighting studio, Presently Pandolfi has 21 stores in the large region of Tuscany, 11 halls and a 10,000 square meter logistics center.With strong integration capabilities, it is widely acclaimed in Italy.


When we talking about Florence, we have to mention the Medici family, under their support, many famous masters of art like: Da Vinci, Dante, Galileo, Michelangelo, titian are born. Thanks to the great artistic creativity of these artists, Florence became the focus of the Renaissance. A large number of buildings, sculptures and paintings make you feel that the whole city has a deep artistic quality.



The founders of LAMA provided creativity and inspiration to Nantong delegation in terms of furniture creativity, materials and environmental atmosphere creation. Then Pandolfi Studio opened up new ideas for Nantong teachers and students in lighting.

As an electrical equipment and lighting studio, Presently Pandolfi has 21 stores in the large region of Tuscany, 11 halls and a 10,000 square meter logistics center.With strong integration capabilities, it is widely acclaimed in Italy.


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2018-04-19 164227
2018-04-19 164723
2018-04-19 164234


Unlike LAMA and Pandolfi , Showmate Studio is dedicated to the research and development of materials (fabrics) and the shortening of the supply chain relationship in the leather and footwear industry. Here we have a deeper understanding of leather materials.



Despite those studies at the University of Florence, we also took the delegation of Nantong University on a unique gondola to see the urban texture of Venice, deepened their understanding of this “aquatic republic”; in addition, the delegation also visited the Venice Biennale, one of the three major art exhibitions in Italy.


Generally the Venice Biennale is divided into two parts, the National Pavilion and the Theme Pavilion.The main exhibition is ultra-modern art.The Venice Film Festival is part of the Venice Biennale, a centuries-old art festival and one of the most important artistic events in Europe.


After feeling the unique charm of Venice in the “aquatic republic”, Nantong University delegation came to Milan, the capital of art and fashion.Here is a collection of Italian past and future trends. The delegation first arrived at Sforzesco Castle in Milan.


The Sforza Castle was built in 1368, it became to be a symbol of Milan. The existing building was rebuilt by the Count Sforza in 1450. The castle houses a collection of historical works of art, in the sculpture hall collecting Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo’s work is the most popular gallery.

After the dyeing of classical art, the delegation went to the Milan Triennale Exhibition Hall feeling the impact of modern art and classical aesthetics.

The organizer of the Milan Triennial is a non-profit cultural foundation of the same name. Founded in 1923, it specializes in exhibitions and other events related to architecture, design, decorative arts, fashion, new media and urban design.The triennial was originally held in Monza, near Milan, and officially moved to Milan in 1933. It has been held for 20 times and was suspended in 1996.

Schedule of frontier design study tour


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