About our group ( Jiangsu Wuzhong Group)

A large-scale modern service industry enterprise group that combines diversification and specialization and is led by modern service industry;

One of the province focuses on cultivating and developing enterprises;

For the eighth consecutive year, being listed on “Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises ” and “ Top 100 Chinese Service Enterprises ”;

For the seventh consecutive year, being awarded the title of “Suzhou City Landmark Enterprise”;

For 11 consecutive years, being rated as “Jiangsu Province Civilized Unit”;

For the ninth consecutive years, being rated as “the largest taxpayer in Suzhou” and ranked first in the taxpayer of Wuzhong District for eight times.


About our Company(Suzhou Education Investment)

Established in 2002 with a registered capital of 100 million yuan, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wuzhong Group;

Education investment project

Education Infrastructure Construction ( 2002-2012 )

Investment management and post-investment management mainly involve early childhood education, international schools, overseas education, vocational education, and academic education ( 2012- present).

To be the only one being approved by provincial education department in Jiangsu province, recored in the National Ministry of Education, an international school that fully implements the American high school curriculum system;

Teaching in English, small class, tiered teaching;

SNA international high school established a diversified evaluation system, implemented a developmental assessment, and combine the professional guidance team of China and the United States to implement the guidance for further studies;

All graduates in 2018 entered the Top100 universities in the United States of America, Top 10 universities in Canada, Australia. Elite graduates per capita obtain six prestigious overseas Offer;


Three overseas experts from SNA international high school Artists project were selected into the 2018 “Suzhou Flexible Introduction of Overseas Intelligence” Seagull Plan”

In 2018 , SNA international high school was awarded the title of “Advanced Unit of Social Enterprise” in Wuzhong District.

The principal’s office was named as 2017-1818 “Wuzhong District Wuyi Pacesetter’s post.

SNA international high school won the “International Talent Training Practice Award” and “China International School Digital Top 100″ in the ” 2018 International School Annual Festival” hosted by Tencent.com


A new foreign language school based on the quality education resources of Suzhou North American International High School and the first-class teachers of Suzhou Zhenhua Middle School;

SNA international foreign language school has two campuses, TIANEDANG campus and TIANRANJU campus. Both campus has complete facilities and beautiful environment.

Taking “international vision, appropriate education, micro-services” as the characteristics of running a school;

Adopting small class teaching method, implementing the “dual track system” smart teaching mode in parallel with the international class (directing to North American high school) and the experimental class (directing to Suzhou High School entrance examination);

On the basis of completing the national compulsory education curriculum, we have independently developed a unique NAE course.


Rockford Christian School, founded in 1960 , is located in Illinois , of 800 people scale ;

The Rockford Christian School ( International Center ) is operated by Suzhou Education Investment Co., Ltd., which is a full international student source and offers accommodation. The International Center covers 7 acres.


A full-time regular institution of higher learning approved by the People’s Government of Jiangsu Province and filed by the Ministry of Education;

There are 43 application-oriented majors that closely follow the regional economic development needs, with nearly 7,000 students in the school.

The employment rate of graduates is over 98% , and the unit satisfaction is 91.9% , which is higher than the average level of Jiangsu Province and the whole country;

There are nearly 300 teachers in the school , including 64 deputy senior and above titles , and nearly 80% of postgraduate or master’s degree teachers ;


The School of Software Engineering was selected as “High-level Key Professional of Higher Vocational Education in Jiangsu Province”

In 2013 and 2017 , being awarded the “Second Prize for Higher Education in Jiangsu Province Teaching Achievement Award”.



A non-degree education institutions directly managed by Suzhou Municipal Education Bureau, the governing units of the Suzhou Citizens Education Association, the 3A -level social organizations, and has a private school license;

The Party School of the Suzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, Dongwu Vocational Training College;

The college is committed to building a “three-in-one” education service system for vocational training, academic qualifications, and employment services;

The college is mainly engaged in various types of vocational training and academic education, aiming to cultivate a group of high-quality applied talents facing the first line of Suzhou economic construction.


Kindergarten. T. C, Wuzhong District, Suzhou City

The first brand of preschool education in this district, boutique kindergarten;

Taking “Follow kids’ interest, Epitomize all the kindergarten” as the theme of cultural education;

The environment in the kindergarten is beautiful and the facilities are complete.

Strong faculty, 450 people;


In 2016 , being awarded the honorary title of “Quality Kindergarten” by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education.

In 2015 , being awarded the honorary title of “Suzhou Quality Nursery” by Suzhou Education Bureau.

International high-end kindergarten;

The geographical position is superior, the environment in the kindergarten is beautiful, and various facilities are advanced and complete;

Each class is equipped with “double class teachers + English native language foreign teacher + featured physical education teacher + child care worker”;

The sports-oriented curriculum covers five basic areas of health, language, society, science and art;

Fine small class system, infiltrating English environment;

Establish a catering committee consisting of parents and employee representatives, providing car services such as school buses.

Policy Research

Suzhou Education Investment Co. Ltd., has invested in the Institute of Educational Development and Innovation.Through in-depth interpretation and analysis of education policies, combined with the needs of the education market, the investment direction, management model and teaching methods are constantly adjusted.


Personal education ecological chain

In the course of development over the years, Suzhou Educational Investment Co. Ltd., has formed a full ecological chain of personal education from young children to vocational education, so that people in different stages of life can get a good education through the schools we build and manage.


Educational industry ecological chain

Suzhou Educational Investment Co. Ltd can provide a complete set of processes for enterprises that want to invest in education, including infrastructure, system construction, personnel construction and operation management.


Education + explorer



Building an innovation platform for education

Educational projects that bring together technological innovation and model innovation



Develop social resources and actively participate in double-engineering

Exploring the new investment management model of education +

Create a shared ecosystem of education industry incubation


Strategic Positioning

Become a well-known private education investor in the region

Execute investment management duties for its institutions and enterprises

Provide the necessary services and support for institutions



In March 2019 , being recognized as “the Wuzhong District Enterprise Talent Work Contact Station Unit”

In June 2018 , being awarded the title of “Top Ten Grassroots Party Organizations in Wuzhong District”

2016-2017 , 2017-2018 won the title of “Wuzhong Group Advanced Grassroots Party Organization” for two consecutive years


Education platform

Provide a good education platform for people at different stages of life.From early childhood education to international education, to comprehensive coverage of vocational education, it also includes academic counseling and quality training to meet the educational needs of different stages and levels.


Career platform

Provide a good career platform for education practitioners.Whether it is a newcomer who is new to the workplace, or an old teacher or an old principal who is passionate about education, he can reflect his self-worth through the platform built by the Soviet education and realize the educational ideal.

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