There are about millions of student from China intended to study in Italy, while according to the figure given by the Italy embassy, actually merely thousand students are able to stand on Italy’s land, what’s the problem that stops them? This article will discuss some problems that may occur when studying in Italy.


Italian is an elegant language. It can be found not only in opera, but also in our daily life. The most common things we encounter are the names of coffee, such as macchiato or cappuccino. To study in Italy, language problems cannot be avoided. For us who have been learning English for many years, the same alphabet language Italian will inevitably be confused in pronunciation. But Italian has the same word order as Chinese, which is relatively easy to learn.
Therefore, for the students who are learning Italian, the most headache is verb conjugation. For example, in the English context we add s to the third person verb and Ed to the past tense; In Italian, six people say they are not the same as the original verb, and there are different rules to change.

For the language, we recommend the installation of "FANGGE words", which can be well used by students studying in Italy. Articles and words can be easily translated. Currently, MAC OS and IOS systems are supported. As an old-fashion editor, I will choose a reliable dictionary, a "green brick" Italian-Chinese dictionary compiled by Beijing foreign studies university.

2 - VISA

White background photo
Specifications are as follows: two sheets of 3.5cm x 4cm | white background
The passport must be signed and valid for at least 90 days after the visa expires
Asset proof
The original statement of the last 6 months is attached to the student's international credit card or savings card
Original employment certificates of both parents (company stamp, signature, salary income)

Other income of the family should provide relevant proof and tax receipt (e.g. house rental, etc.)
Note: please consult FRIDA for visa procedures and requirements for Italian students who have plans to study abroad (Marco Polo plan, turandot plan) and those who do not plan to study abroad (international students)


You must look for regular intermediary when rent a house in Italy!!!
Some go to Italy to study abroad in order to save the intermediary fee of a month's rent to find a black intermediary, finally because of housing quality and Italian communication problems, most of the time, money than to find more intermediary costs.


The first thing before signing a contract to rent a house is to carefully check the state of the house, furniture, appliances and so on.


There's nothing to say about paying rent: pay it on time! A lot of contracts say rent is due early in the month, that's before the 5th, and of course there are some monthly payments. If the landlord wants to change the date of payment, he/she must notify the tenant in writing, and the tenant may choose not to accept it.


Normal contract needs to inform landlord to need to terminate an agreement 6 months in advance, of course you can discuss this deadline with landlord when signing a contract, for example advance a month. In the termination of the contract must tell the landlord why to move, the best reason to say a bit more serious, such as a job, or to return to China. If you do not communicate with the landlord in advance according to the time stipulated in the contract, the landlord has the right to deduct part of the deposit as his compensation.


Most of Italy is a subtropical Mediterranean climate, better climate conditions, beautiful environment. The temperature is suitable in spring and autumn, but the temperature difference between morning and afternoon is large. In winter, the average temperature in most areas is above 0℃, with more rainfall, but the temperature in the north and mountainous areas is lower. The summer is hot and dry, especially in the south central part of the country. Italian summer, especially the southern region is relatively hot, it is recommended to bring short-sleeved clothes, morning and evening a little cool with a thin long-sleeved coat can.


There's a lot of Italian food to try. If worry oneself cannot quickly get used to Italian taste, can take material of base of old gan ma, chafing dish to Italy. In addition, it is important to pay attention to safety and keep the money hidden. Although Italian luxury goods are very cheap, it is necessary to be careful not to be targeted by thieves when consuming (this principle applies to the whole world).
Finally, it is important to note that some Italian customs are different from those in China, and there are also some laws and regulations to be observed. Not only for their own good, but also on behalf of the country and the nation, not to speak for the glory of the country, can not go abroad to lose face ah.

The international code for Italy is +39. You must put the area code before the phone number, even if you are in the country. Italy's telephone bills, especially for long-distance calls, are among the highest in Europe. Many pay phones accept only calling CARDS and can be bought at tobacco and newspaper stores or from vending machines.

In addition, the Italian voltage is 127V/220V, 50Hz, the socket is two-phase round foot, you can buy a European standard converter in advance. The time is 7 hours later than Beijing time and daylight saving time runs from the end of march to the end of September.

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