Global Citizen

As a world citizen, we are concerned with the material and spiritual health of every resident of the earth, the survival and development of the earth’s homeland, the broad exploration of individual responsibility, and the humanitarian role of social change.

The discussion of world citizens is far from being limited to the category of geopolitics. It is not just an identity or concept, but also a humanistic concern formed by the combination of multiple dimensions such as vision, consciousness and behavioral guidance.

As a world citizen, we are concerned with the material and spiritual health of every resident of the earth, the survival and development of the earth’s homeland, the broad exploration of individual responsibility, and the humanitarian role of social change.

The concept of world citizenship is the easiest to experience in a multi-ethnic, multicultural region. In such a region, people face multiple conflicts: diverse languages, complex ethnic groups, immigrant groups, the gap between the rich and the poor, and so on.



SDG LAB, also known as the Sustainable Development Goals Laboratory, is a multi-stakeholder initiative that contributes to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. It supports  Geneva and other regions in all relevant aspects, leveraging related experience and knowledge to advance policies, practices and actions.


Learning is major, Playing is minor

This tour led by professors from the University of Florence, Italy, will visit the world-famous Uffizi Gallery, the Ferrari Museum,Egyptian Museum, Clock Museum and other attractions.

When visiting, we will receive the guidance of professors in many dimensions such as history, aesthetics and technology.

In addition, students will receive a certificate from the Florence Institute of Art and Design, which is established by the University of Florence.


Extraordinary experience courses

This study tour will lead the students to join the experience course that they need to personally make things and listen carefully.
For example, the production of mosaics,tiramisu and going to the Scala National Theatre to listen to opera performances.

Highlights of the trip


Palace of Nations

The Palace of Nations, also known as the League of Nations Building, was once the headquarters of the United Nations’ former “International Alliance” andis now the United Nations Office in Geneva.


ICRC Museum

The International Red Cross Museum combines advanced high-tech means in all aspects to vividly demonstrate the history of the birth and development of the Red Cross, the numerous rescues around the world , the image of the world’s wars, natural disasters, diseases.



We will learn about poverty alleviation, hunger reduction, health and well-being, quality education, etc. at SDG LAB, and will receive a certificate of world citizenship training provided by the International Charity Foundation Ed Foundation.


Florence Cathedral

Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore, also known as the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, Florence Cathedral.It is one of the five cathedrals of the world.Florence means the capital of flowers in Italian.


Uffizi Gallery

The collection of the European Renaissance Treasures is as high as 2,500 pieces, and it is famous for its works in the European Renaissance and other paintings, as well as ancient Greek and Roman sculptures.


Academy of Fine arts of Florence

Founded in 1339, it is the world’s first art school, creating a precedent for world art education. At the beginning of the establishment of the Academy, the honorary dean was the European Renaissance art master, Michelangelo,who was also a student of the Florentine Academy of Fine Arts. Another one is Cosimo Medici, the founding father of the Republic of Florence.


Pitti Palace & Boboli Gardens

Pitti Palace is a grand Renaissance palace .Built in 1458, it was originally the residence of Luca Pitti, a Florentine banker.

Boboli garden is one of the ancient Roman world-renowned horticultural garden.In the early 14th century, BoBoli the garden is the most prominent aristocratic Florentine Medici family’s private courtyard.


Teatro alla Scala

There is very little theater in the history of world art that can be regarded as a perfect embodiment of incarnation and architecture like the La Scala opera house in Milan, Italy. It is not only a gorgeous opera house, but also an symbol of the Italy opera,even a sign of Italian music.

Experience courses

Tiramisu Workshop

As a representative of Italian desserts, Tiramisu, with its beautiful appearance and charming appearance, has become popular all over the world.It combines the bitterness of Espresso coffee, the soft of eggs and sugar, the mellowness of liqueur, the scent of chocolate, the denseness of finger biscuits, the thick aroma of cheese and whipped cream, and the dryness of cocoa powder. The essence of Italian dessert is deducted to the extreme. Under the guidance of the Florentine pastry master, we will use the good materials to make the original Italian tiramisu!

Venice Mask Studio

Venetian mask culture is unique in European civilization and is one of the few masks that dissolve into everyday life.The Venetians have a long history of masks as part of everyday life.Before the 18th century, the life of the Venetian inhabitants was inseparable from the mask. Both men and women would wear masks and cloaks when they  went out. This mask of Venice is the famous “Bauta”. We will follow the Venetian mask craft masters  to create the exquisite Venetian celebration masks and understand the meaning behind the souls of these Venetian celebrations. After the production, we will  stay away from tourists and visit the little-known attractions.

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